Where Do I Start?

My aim, when I started this blog, was to start fresh.

Once upon a time I did write every day.  Whether it was a blog post, or a journal entry or plugging away at a work in progress I made time. I didn’t even think about it, really. It was as much a part of my day as cooking dinner or breathing. 

Somewhere, somehow that tapered off.  I wish I could remember when or why or how.  But in the end I guess it really doesn’t matter because the only thing I can have an impact on is now and future. Energies are probably better spent focusing there.

I have faithfully set aside November, however, since I first did National Novel Writing Month–oh, when was it–8 years ago, I think, to put together a 50,000+ word skeleton of a novel. I accidentally erased one (the horror!) which means I have several manuscripts that need completing and/or revision.

I have files and files of short stories.

I have picture book manuscripts, including one I worked with an editor on for two yearsShe was ready to take it to acquisitions; we were both so excited! Then she got very sick, I heard, ended up having to leave her job and the editor who took her place wasn’t interested.  

I also have a few articles I wrote when I took a class on writing non-fiction for children’s magazines.

So now I have this voice in my head saying why are you so eager to generate more material, when you have done absolutely nothing with what you’ve already written?

I honestly think I don’t know where to start. Re-do the file system–paper and electronic–so I know where the latest draft of everything is? Right now there are manuscripts scattered all over creation.

Or do I start marketing some of the shorter stuff so I gain some forward momentum?

Is it time to dust off the one YA manuscript that is complete and update it? It is my first NaNo win.  Do you have any idea how fast things change? It will need a complete overhaul because it is seriously outdated.

Or do I pick out one of the other 50,000 word jumbles to get serious about completing? Next November I hope to rough draft the third in a series that I’ve been working on.  Perhaps NaNo would be a breeze if I spent the next several months immersed in that world and story.

Maybe I need to schedule specific work time to do all of the above…

Here’s where I do Charlie Brown’s ARG! Instead of Snoopy’s happy dance. 

What do you think?





2 responses to “Where Do I Start?

  1. What do you want to do? No one can give you this answer, only you.


    • Carolyn Dekat

      Thanks for reading, Neva! And you are absolutely right. I do like bouncing ideas around before reaching a conclusion, however. Sometimes people will say things that make me say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”


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