Home Again!

I am sure everyone understands what it’s like to feel as though life is coming at you like those summer bugs on a windshield at night.  Loud splat, followed by surprised jolt. Can’t say for sure what just hit because it’s unidentifiable. Squirt a little windshield cleaning fluid; trigger a swipe of the wipers–barely recovered before the next round hits and you soon realize that unless vision is seriously hampered, it’s best to just let the mess accumulate and clean it all off in the morning.  

This morning I am busy cleaning off my windshield of life and being extremely grateful that it’s all I have to cope with because I have friends and fellow Oklahomans who are dealing with so much more in the way of cleanup and loss. There is no comparison.  

This morning I shared a Calvin & Hobbes contest on my Facebook page, because Calvin & Hobbes never fails to make me smile, if not laugh out loud.  I hope no one was offended by something so mundane and trivial compared with all serious concerns.  I have been in crisis mode since early in the month, though, and I’m ready for a laugh. 

I’m ready for the beautiful side of spring folding into summer.  Greenery and flowers are thriving and blooming where they used to be parched and shriveled from a lack of rain. Plus, my very dear and patient and understanding hubby got me the most beautiful flowers (and chocolate!) to welcome me home.  


Best Bouquet Ever!


There is sunshine after darkness, rainbows after storms.  

Wishing sunshine and rainbows for all those everywhere who need it.  


One response to “Home Again!

  1. Your flowers are beautiful. I love fresh flowers anytime but especially when I’m not expecting them.


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