Something New

I love to try to start my week with something new–something I stumbled upon in weekend reading, or found in the past week doing research.  It helps me remember that Monday is what we make of it.  I like thinking it’s the beginning of an enjoyable and productive week.

So do the folks at Magnificent Monday (@magmonday), BTW

Confession: my new tidbit for Monday came today, not over the weekend. I got a wave from a friend who for some reason I hope to hear about soon, is up by the Barents Sea in Norway.  Now I know 1) that there is Barents Sea and 2) where it is.

No fear, I already knew where Norway was.  I thankfully was in a generation that was still taught geography in school.  At least continents and countries and such, if not the names of the seas other than the Atlantic and the Pacific. And the North Sea. Indian Ocean. I learned the names of a few more of the smaller seas teaching my children. I obviously have more to go!

I have also been doing some research on the power of touch. My interest in the subject dates back many years; I was not able to breast feed my boys, yet they grew up healthy, smart and well-adjusted–all those things I was petrified couldn’t happen with a “second-rate” start in life. (So while I will never quibble about the benefits of breast feeding, there is no reason for a new mom to agonize over whether or not she can rear a healthy child if she cannot!)

My experience left me wondering if there are other factors inherent in the act of breast feeding, other than the mother’s milk itself, that promote good health and well-being in infants. One thing my midwives encouraged was skin-to-skin contact during feeding, a valid suggestion which I took to heart. Recently I read a short clip about how touch can encourage a healthy immune system, among other things, which got me thinking, and reading, and it’s been quite interesting. I’ll likely share some of it here once I have time to digest and organize the information.

So I am kicking off a week of learning and curiosity wondering just how cold your toe gets if you stick it in the Barents Sea. (The North Sea was bad enough for me!)

Did you learn something new and interesting lately?


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