Job Well Done!

Good Friday morning everyone.  Mine got off to a very, very late start and I am sorta feeling guilty, but not much.  Perhaps more thankful.  I’ve had a left-over cough from a cold which really cranked up last night and wouldn’t let me sleep. Finally got it calmed down around 3:00 am (honey does work!).  I tried to get up at 6:00 to go work out.  I really did. I even promised myself I could come back home and go back to bed.

I made it to the chair in the living room and slept through when I was supposed to leave.  No problem.  I’ll just make the 10:30 class I told myself in the blur of moving from the chair to the couch where I could at least stretch out and sleep properly.  But not properly enough to not wake up well before 10:00.  Wrong.  Woke up at 9:50 feeling like I’d taken a whole box of Benedryl.

Think I’ll stay in today.

I was rewarded for making a healthy decision when the FedEx truck pulled up to the door.

Back on Tuesday morning, I was moving as quickly as I could because I was running out of time.  I had emptied my ceramic slow cooker insert and put it in the sink with a little water to soak while I was gone.  My last task before I headed out the door was to empty the dish drainer.  No, sorry, I don’t know why.

On of the items in that drainer was a tall slim bud vase with the heavy bottom. I put it back on the shelf above the sink, only somehow (I blame it on being morning) I missed the shelf.  Crash.

When I opened my eyes, my ceramic slow cooker liner was not full of glass shards and the bud vase was intact.  Wow!  Amazing!  I love that vase.  I was so thrilled to still have it. I put it back in the drainer. Was not going to try that whole shelf thing again.

Fast forward several hours.  I’m home after a longer-than-expected day.  Hubby is in a funk but thankfully has taken his funk to the garage.  He’ll be happy again if he comes back in, the kitchen is clean, and he smells chicken cooking.  Surely.

I lift the crock pot out of the sink so I can fill the sink with hot soapy water–the first step in all kitchen ventures, you know. Most of the bottom of the insert stays in it. In the sink. I know because I can look right through the close-to  bottomless oval and see it there.  In pieces.  My brand new, have-only-used-it-three-times slow cooker  liner is toast.

Now what do I do?

Now what do I do?

Yeah, I really would have rather given up the bud vase.  I scooped it up before the sight of it put hubby in a worse funk.  Mine mood was getting worse by the minute.

I obviously don’t need a whole new slow cooker.  I just need a liner.  Do you know how hard it is to find a replacement ceramic liner?  It took way longer than it should have but voila! I finally found MarBeck Discount Appliance Parts. I was able to replace the liner and have it shipped for way less than it would cost to replace the entire crock pot.  Thank you MarBeck!

Not only that.  I ordered the replacement part on Wednesday, it shipped yesterday and it arrived today!!

So I must send out kudos to MarBeck.  Way to go! Keep up the excellent work!

We have this tendency to complain loud and long when things don’t go well.  We should be just as vocal, if not more so, when we are pleasantly surprised.  No, I think thrilled would be a better word. I am thrilled.


Now I can make my family’s favorite To Die For Crock Pot Roast tomorrow without having to heat the whole kitchen with my oven, which would have been the other alternative.

Plus now I have managed to do a blog post every day this week!

Thank you to everyone who has recently followed.

I am curious: Do you have a family favorite go-to recipe for busy  weekends? Please share.  Sometimes I get in such a rut.  I have better things to do than be in the kitchen on the weekends, but that is when my hubby is home and really enjoys having a sit-down meal.  We really need to replace our grill.

Anyway, happy Friday everyone! Have a wonderful weekend.


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