Our Lopsided World

Photo by Paul Kemp

On the one hand we have a cook who focused on preparing fabulous food and never, as far as I know, held herself up as a role model for anyone. She made a remark 27 years or so ago that is currently viewed as so horrendous that it could potentially harm the brand of The Food Network if they were to continue to employ her. Given the hue and cry, when I came in on the tail end of the first report I heard about her “crime” I wondered if she had been accused of molesting a child.

On the other we have a franchise who has seen 27 of its members arrested since February that is anticipating it’s revenues will increase from 5.1 billion annually to $7 billion in the upcoming season. No hue. No cry. No demands for an equivalent or more stern action, nor for a boycott of the NFL until it can provide better role models for the country’s impressionable aspiring athletes.

Photo by Nikki Johnson

Does this seem as off balance to you as it does to me?


One response to “Our Lopsided World

  1. Carolyn – You are so right. If everyone were held by the same standards, we would live in a different world.


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