Flashback Fun

I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon and evening with two of my favorite people on the planet: my sisters.

That was then...

That was then…

I cannot count the hours we have spent talking and laughing and sharing life experiences: scary, fulfilling, precious and heartwarming. On rare ocassions we disagree, (rare now that we’re adults; my mom can tell you it happened more frequently when we were kids!) but we always work our way back to what is most important.  I cannot be thankful enough to have them in my life.


Then, too…

I can recall the most unusual experience I have had with them. Here is the story as recorded on June 5, 2009 on my old blog:

A Truth-Is-Stranger-Than-Fiction Thing….

I have to write this down because I’m still not sure I believe it happened.

Last night dh and I had tickets to see Bryan Adams in concert. (Just Adams, his guitar, his harmonica and the piano + player. It’s awesome, if you like a laid-back concert. If you’re a Bryan Adams fan, don’t miss it!)

We are making our way over a few pair of knees to find our seats and I hear a very familiar–or should I say familial–voice, and turned around to discover that we were sitting right behind my two sisters. Not two rows behind and several chairs over, but a row back and off by one chair: we were in 109 and 110 and they were in 110 and 111 in the row in front of us.

Mind you, my sisters live 80+ miles away from me, neither of the pairs of us knew the other had tickets, let alone what seats were assigned to those tickets, and there are 1400 seats in the Rose State Performing Arts Theatre–

My dh thought it was a set-up and that we planned it all along. It took some serious convincing to get him to believe otherwise, and I certainly understand that!

If I wrote something like that into a story, I know a red pen somewhere would tell me not to use such unlikely coincidences. But you know–they DO happen!


Then, but closer to now (10/24/2009). My baby brother is allowed to slip in every now and then. 🙂


Your thoughts, please...

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