If You Haven’t Given Up On Me….

I am so ready to be back to blogging and all other things normal.  Although I continue to question the whole concept of “normal” anymore.

But here it is another Magnificent Monday and here is a tidbit that working through the trenches has taught me in the past couple weeks.

Spinal fluid–or more accurately–cerebrospinal fluid–is made in the brain then circulated around it and down into the spinal column. Produced at the rate of 500/ml daily, this fluid serves four major functions:

  • Provides buoyancy so that the weight of the brain does not impair its function by interfering with blood flow
  • Maintains chemical stability in the brain by rinsing metabolic waste from the central nervous system.
  • Protects the brain from injury when the head is jolted or hit
  • Production is reduced when blood delivery to the brain is difficult, reducing the pressure inside the skull, facilitating blood flow and delivery

Now I’m sure that’s overly simplified, and there are those who would say, “How did you get to be your age and not know that,” but I have never had a reason to know it before.  I do remember watching them do a spinal tap on my son when he was 6 weeks old.  I didn’t care where spinal fluid was made at that point or what it did.  I just wanted his to be okay.  It was.  Whew.

I was asked to come to a hospital last weekend where a friend of mine had been transported.  It turned into quite an experience on many different levels.  I was with her when they showed her the CT scan of her brain, and showed her where there was bleeding that was blocking the flow of that fluid from one of the places in the brain where it was manufactured.  All very serious and scary, but at the same time, a rather awesome thing to see.

And so there is my Monday tidbit from my seriously complex but wonderful world.  Hope your Monday was marvelous!


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