Hello August

Well good-bye July, and I can’t say I’m sad to see the month slip away.  And I do hate to say that in a way, because I would rather see every day as a gift, and yes, the hard ones do teach us either something about ourselves or how to do better. Still it is a bit tough to do any introspective thinking with three deaths, a person I seem to have lost since I last saw her in the hospital mid-month and whom I will earnestly look for next week (HIPPA can make things really hard!), and other serious concerns that keep raining down like lava spewed from a volcano.

However, July did end on an upswing with three days of nourishing spiritual food and one evening all by myself, which I sorely needed.  No demands, no one else to consider, just quiet time to do as I pleased.  The next morning it sort of felt like I should have had a week of those, but let’s be thankful for small blessings, right?

August started with a therapeutic massage, the company of my sons, and the start of the annual summer visit of two of my nieces who always fill my days with joy when I have them here.  It is good to see the world through young eyes from time to time.  All of my immediate family was under my roof last night and my hubby, sons & daughter-in-law played a rousing game of pitch.  Did my heart good to have us all together.  I found myself delighted that I could just sit and watch all of them and be thankful.

And I just had my first perfectly ripe peach of the season.  Yes!

There is still wonder and joy out there.  And an awful lot of love.

Thank goodness.


2 responses to “Hello August

  1. Yes, Carolyn, it is a rarity to have all of your immediate family joined together. Having our four children and their families under one roof, at the same time, is somewhere between a rare blessing and just impossible. Our Russian born daughter-in-law is in Moscow helping her family adjust to losing her dad to a fast acting terminal cancer for 2 months. We suddenly were called into action to be (grand)parents in Utah to a 6 and 2 year-old, cause our son lives in California and couldn’t find quality care for them so quickly. But life goes on.


    • Wow! My father’s mother was Russian; her family immigrated to the US around 1914, though.

      I know your son must be grateful that you can lend a hand. My grand-nieces are 10 and 5 and I must confess I am so out of practice! We have had a blast; I certainly sleep well every night. 🙂


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