Considering An Option

I really have to get this blogging thing down better.  I used to be so good at doing it regularly.  Why I can’t get that to happen again, I can’t figure out.  Just gonna keep on tryin’.

I have been trying to follow a loose “daily” theme pattern, thinking it might help get something on the page post. Instead I have found the obsessive side of me tethered.  Spontaneous  ideas get scuttled or scribbled for “later” because they don’t fit into the theme. I have a tendency (which I am still working to overcome) to procrastinate so badly–not writing what I have brewing in my head in favor of trying to write what I “should”–that in the end nothing gets written.  *sigh*

I am going to endeavor to make August Prompt & Pitch month–more on the “pitch” part in a moment.  That means when I don’t know what I want to say, I have to write from a prompt.  If I have something that’s itching to get out, then I can write that. I still may pull a few items from archives when I am pressed for time.  I have plenty of stuff already written from prompts.

The creative pump has to be primed before I can even begin to edit and revise, which is what I need to be doing more–polishing the stuff that’s already written.  If I am in a strictly analytical frame of mind, I find myself too harsh with the editing and can convince myself that the original writing isn’t worth re-writing.  Rarely true.

August also means it’s time for WriteOnCon opening in just 9 days (August 13 & 14). From the website:

WriteOnCon is a FREE Online Children’s Writers Conference (rated MC-18, for Main Characters under 18 only) created by writers, for writers. …

During the conference, keynote addresses, agent panels, and lectures are presented as blogs, vlogs, moderated chats, webinars, podcasts, and livestreaming. There is also a critique forum, where participants can post query letters and writing samples to receive helpful feedback and comments from their peers and industry professionals. And, as if that weren’t exciting enough, there are also daily contests, giving random winners everything from books to personalized critiques from agents.

For once I remembered this event ahead of time instead of the day before.  Now I must make myself stop lurking at this event…. We shall see.

Because August is also Out With The Clutter month for my house….That’s another post in itself.

Anyway, I am going to see if this idea of a monthly theme will work better.  It will be August’s experiment, the month of the prompt or the pitch.


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