I Need You to Need Me

I can’t remember where this prompt came from.  I do believe it was one of the Pocket Muse books by Monica Wood.  If/when I find it again, I will come back and make sure credit goes where it’s due.

Prompt:  Write about the last time you felt indispensable.

You don’t mean the last time the boys were hungry, do you?

I didn’t think so.

Photo By Mack Martin

Photo By Mack Martin

So the very last time was just about 30 minutes ago when I reprogramed my hubby’s car radio.

Last week as he was cruising on home from work, he hit a small bump and his car stereo went silent and the screen read Line In Flat. He didn’t want to know that.  He didn’t understand that.  He just wanted his radio back and thought perhaps the antenna cable had come loose.  As good a guess as any, right?

So over the weekend he took the glove compartment out wanting to get behind the radio and figure out what/where/how the line in might be flat. He found a rats nest of wires wound up in a space he couldn’t get his fingers into.  No way of knowing which line was flat where….

My hubby is a genius with systems:  the system that frames a building, the system that heats and cools a house, electrical and plumbing systems.  All you have to do is show him once and he can replicate it flawlessly all by himself.

Unless it’s an electronic system. If he can’t breathe on something computerized and have it do what he wants it to, then it’s not “user friendly” and someone needs to get on their toes and do some better designing.

He came in the house Saturday afternoon feeling old and defeated and…old.  The third time he said, “I remember when I could take those things apart–” I started glazing over.  Really, just because Dorothy said she wanted to go home enough times and got to doesn’t mean you can turn back time talking about the way things used to be.

While I’m hopeless with all those other systems he knows like his own mother, in this one area I am brilliant (in comparison). Given enough time I can (and did) figure out how to program his car radio several months ago.  And run the computer.  And program his phone. Thank goodness he’s never wanted a smart one of those….

But I digress.

This afternoon he got on the phone with the people at JVC (He knows how to get the information he needs–“Honey, can you Google JVC and find a customer service number?”) and found out where the reset button is.  Voila! The line in is no longer flat.  Said message has summarily disappeared and now it’s time to put the thing back the way it was before the bump.  (Why am I hearing Clouseau?)

His plan was to leave his car with me tomorrow and take mine to work for several reasons.  I had a meeting tonight and so he figured reconfiguring the radio before tomorrow was out of the question.  My car has a radio and he’s really, really bored eating lunch in silence.  And he no doubt thought it likely I would need several hours (like it did last time without a manual) to figure out how to work the touch screen programming for his radio.

Well, he was asleep when I got home so…. He’s going to be a happy camper in the morning.

I downloaded the instruction manual after the last episode.  If he only knew all the programming the thing is capable of–goodness.  I am sure there are people out there who would have rather donated a kidney than pushed that reset button and lost all their custom programming work.

My hubby however wanted the home screen not to scroll through a display and five radio stations set–three on FM and two on AM. That was it.

And so in the time it took a cloudburst to pass overhead, I had him up and running again. He doesn’t even know it yet.


Indispensable me.

Then there’s the other indispensable that isn’t so much fun that I experienced back in July.  Sounds like a story for another post.


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