How Do People Do This?

I can’t keep up. 

I look back over the day and I could have left out a half-hour of down time and went to an exercise class closer to home, and maybe cut out a conversation with a friend, but what’s life worth if you don’t have time to talk with your friends?

Here it is, going on 11; the hubby is till talking and I CAN’T WRITE WHILE HE IS. I’ll be too tired when he quits.  His lunch isn’t packed, my list for tomorrow isn’t done, teeth not brushed, vitamins not taken, and definitely not wound down.  Write? What is that?

However, I will take this over the alternative, I guess…. 🙂

And I had such a cool prompt!


2 responses to “How Do People Do This?

  1. I haven’t a clue of how others keep it all together (or so it seems). Each day rushes past. I’ve given up on having a to do list. I spent too many years being a slave to one.


  2. I’m trying something new…limiting my to-do list to five items at a time. Of course I’m afraid I’ll forget stuff so I dump a big list onto a page, but then I choose five and put it away until those are finished. It feels good to finish a list! 🙂

    Good to see you Sheri!


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