On A Serious Note…

Photo by dog madic

Photo by dog madic

I can’t seem to get this horrific thing that happened in Duncan out of my head.  It was the front page story in today’s paper and I couldn’t bring myself to read the article.  It is so tragic on so many levels.  Lives lost.  Wasted.  People so hurt at heart.

Perhaps the thing that disturbs me most is that there are people who seem to want to focus on the fact that a gun was used to commit this atrocity.

Please understand this is not a political piece.  I maintain a very strict neutrality when it comes to politics.  This is my layman’s point of view.

The gun was not the problem.

The problem was the attitude.

Had these predators not had access to a gun, they would have found another weapon of choice–their car, a baseball bat, a brick–because they had no respect for human life!

Our world has become a global colosseum.  We live in a culture of violence where life is cheap and ending it a casual pastime.  Is it really any wonder that mankind is reaping this heart-breaking crop?

Violence is taught, encouraged, perpetuated on so many levels, including:

1)  Suicide bombing, gang wars, anything that promotes hatred between sects, races, religions, ethnic groups, political parties, and justifies killing to solve the issue. We see it in individuals who hold on to past grudges as justification for pursuing what they want and using whatever means it takes to get it, including killing other human beings they deem unworthy or in their way.  Pure selfishness is a taproot.

2)  It is ludicrous that it in American society it is more horrendous for parents to serve one alcoholc beverage to a minor with a meal than it is for that same minor to engage in sexual activity for fun.  Sex is serious business because it creates life. When the very act that produces life, without which the human population would die off, is treated as a plaything, no wonder the life created becomes something that is easily expendable.  It brings to mind a quote from Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu (Mother Teresa):

“The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion because if a mother can kill her own child, what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between.”

Maybe abortion itself is a symptom.  Maybe the root is a casual view of sex that ultimately diminishes the value of life.

3)  Entertainment.  3-D gore and guts.  More, more, more, more, more.  Nothing is too gruesome to be portrayed. A show won’t get ratings if there isn’t something in there that is violent or sexual.  Let’s feed blood and killing to everyone on the big screen, the personal screen, the computer, the smart phone, the cable channels and good old-fashioned broadcast TV. Let’s push the envelope a little more every year as long as we say that “parents should be advised.”  The news media adds to it. Images may be disturbing.  But we must show them.  Viewers will be desensitized to bleeding, dismemberment and death.

4)  Video games.  This in my mind is the clincher.  Not only are we going to show graphic violence to teenagers who shouldn’t see it in movies or on TV, we are going to slap a little warning on the front of a box and let the contents teach slaughter to our children from the time they are in grade school!  We are going to let them play these games again and again and again until they are good at killing.  Is what happened in Duncan much of a stretch from being bored and pulling out Mortal Kombat to be entertained?

We need change.  It’s not going to come from human government.  For now, change must occur on a personal level in our homes with our children.  They need to be taught that human life is an incredibly precious gift that should not be created without the family in place to nurture a child, and that cannot be destroyed without dire consequences.  It can be done.  We did it.

To stop violence and murder earthwide is out of man’s hands to accomplish. When a mother can’t even take her two year old shopping in peace, it’s become treacherous right here in my town, down the street from my home.  If it weren’t for my faith in the promise of a better future*–one that doesn’t depend on humans bringing it about or upon me dying–it would be tough to walk out the front door sometimes.

*Additional reading if you would enjoy some encouragement:

  • Psalm 37:10, 11
  • Isaiah 2:4
  • Isaiah 11:6-4
  • 2 Peter 3:13
  • Revelation 21:3-5

One response to “On A Serious Note…

  1. I have much the same point of view. Thank you for committing it to the page.


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