Nerves Abound

Which makes it tough for me to get creative. I really have no business being nervous.

Photo by Julia Freeman-Woolpert

Photo by Julia Freeman-Woolpert

My son is taking his certification test tomorrow for sign language interpreting.  For him it’s a pretty big deal.

So it becomes a pretty big deal for myself and his father as well.  However, his father is snoring.  I’m sitting here trying to write and failing to focus.

I went through this before with his brother

Shoot I went through this every time either of my boys had something happening that would significantly impact their goals and their future.

I can’t say I am worried, because worry is such a useless thing.  He’s got the skills, the schooling and the experience (11 years worth!). I think it’s the fact that the only thing I can do is sit on the sidelines and cheer him on.  The sidelines, in this case, being dancing through my workout class while he’s testing before a live panel.  I will try not to mind one bit if it feels like the instructor is watching me work out tomorrow.  She’s not a panel staring specifically at me for the purpose of critique.  Goodness.  I really shouldn’t be thinking about this.

But I am.  And I will.  It’s what Moms do, I guess. 🙂


2 responses to “Nerves Abound

  1. Big day is here! Relax, you’ve trained him well! He can do this and you’ll both get through with just a few grey hairs from needless worry. I know that telling you not to worry is ridiculous, just try not to do it in excess, okay? Hugs and prayers for you both!


  2. I thought I put this through earlier when I read it, LuAnn; I found it very sweet and comforting. He did it! He is now a certified interpreter! And he starts his first interpreting job the middle of next month. 🙂 So proud of him!


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