Carson the Old

Prompt Work: MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 2005
Create a character: This one is male. You decide where he is from, his age, his build, appearance. Write down any other information that will make him an individual, then name him.


I don’t know yet where he’s from. He’s middle aged–if he lives to be 90. He’s starting to worry about the fact that his hair is thinner and his skin looks old. But he is still dark, just a little gray at the temples and in the eyebrows–which he secretly plucks with his wife’s tweezers. He’s got definite laugh lines and they don’t make him look “distinguished” in his opinion. They make him look old.

He lives in a suburban two story house like he’s supposed to at his age, though the company is downsizing and the mortgage could end up being way too high if they decide he’s too old to stay. Of course that’s not the way it’s supposed to work–age discrimination and all that–but then things don’t work they way they’re supposed to very often.

Today is Saturday and he should change into a pair of jeans and a couple shirts–layers to ward off the cold–and go rake leaves in the back yard. Of course he’s asked the kids to do it, and they got a good start on it, but his oldest son had a ball tournament and his daughter was on the cheerleading squad. His third son had awful allergies and his chores didn’t involve yard work. Of course his wife probably got out there and raked together a pile or two when she wasn’t shuttling kids back and forth or working on a new ad campaign for a company she’d quit but who was in desperate need of “temporary” assistance.

He understands why the raking isn’t finished because he has no intention of doing it either. At least not right yet. The paper glistens in its plastic sleeve in the driveway and his wife had turned on the coffee pot before she disappeared with all the kids for whatever it was they had on the agenda today. The house was his, and he was going to enjoy the morning, the paper, the coffee and the quiet in a pair of sweat pants and an old college sweat shirt. Then, maybe, he’d consider what needed to be done in the yard.

His name is Carson. Carson Trent.


Well, I didn’t do that quite like I thought I would when I dreamed up the prompt! LOL! It’s easier for me to create people in a setting….


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