Solitude Beach

Photo by Michael Faes

Photo by Michael Faes

The water was calm today, the sky clear, and while she missed the clouds that made the sky interesting it was peace she came here for.

It was always what she came here for.

Such an addiction. The pulse.  The rhythm. The absense of other people. She got to name this place and she’d named it Solitude.  Solitude Beach.

She sank onto the sand, gently warm and moving just a little to cradle her.  The waves throbbed steady and unhurried; her pulse fell into the rhythm and she breathed deeper than she had for weeks.

Why was this illegal?  Wouldn’t it do them all some good to pause like this?

Even when the sky was full of clouds and the waves pounding louder than her own thoughts, it was so worth being here.  The strength and power of the sea could be devastating, she was certain, but not sinister.  Not questionable.  The water did what it was intended to do without selfishness or bias.

It was refreshing to be in the presence of something larger than herself.

And maybe that was what was wrong at The Towers.  Everything was under control.  The people there were the largest thing in the system and that changed them.  Behind the noble facade of “one-for-all, all-for-one” was something dark and evil going on.  She could feel it in her bones.

She had no proof.  Proof was what she was searching for.

And now this guy was involved, her project collaborator. It was such a mess. Her mother was suspicious, so she figured if she put her research out in the open, under a disguise of another pursuit, it would make her back off.  But Adrian wasn’t stupid.  She had a feeling he was catching on, and once he did, he’d figure it out quickly.  Things were moving too fast, too hectic.  It became harder and harder and harder to just sit and think.

So here she was, after she swore last time she wouldn’t come back for least a year.  That lasted all of five months.  But how was she to have known how quickly things could get this complicated.

She simply had to come.  For herself.  For the larger cause that might benefit more people than herself.  Or was she just making excuses for her own wicked behavior?

She watched a bold wave wash away her footprint.

Photo by Nick Lobeck

Photo by Nick Lobeck

She washed the troubling thoughts from her mind.  It was why she was here.  She would fill the well.  Create, dream, dance, sleep, laugh, calm.  And afterward, when she was back home, or even just on her way there, answers would come. They always did.  And if answers were hesistant to show themselves immediately, she would have the inner strength to do what she knew was right.


From Take Ten for Writers by Bonnie Neubauer, page 123, Prompt #57

You will be given a general setting for your story, but it’s up to you to choose the specific location that will play a dominant role in your story.

Start with: The weather… (Oops!)

#1: A beach

Write for 10 minutes.


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