Today’s Way-Back-Wednesday post hails from my old blog, January 7, 2007.  It was fun for me to read.  Hope it is for you as well.

Photo by redster

Photo by redster

Slips of twigs that have the potential to be trees
Slips of boys that have the potential to become men
Slips of girls who will always be girls, love to dance
Slips of orange, narrow segments, perfect
Slips on banana peel, curses litter
Slips on ice, breaks an ankle
Slips away, so as not to disappoint
Slips into sleep, so weary from the day
Slips beneath the water, never to be seen again
Slips away, time does, relentlessly
Slips by, a sail boat far enough away to be silent
Slips into a file where there is no rejection.
Slips into habits too comfortable to shake
Slips into the skinny black dress she’s worked so hard to wear
Slips into fuzzy slippers that look like Tweety
Slips into the hall before the toddler starts to wail
Slips of a the fingernail moon, shredded by clouds
Slips above, bound together in a thatch roof
Slips toes under warm sand
Slips toes in to test the water
Slips after pride prevents caution
Slips into need and disaster
Slips into fortune, right place, right time
Slips into tomorrow today

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