Contemplating My Universe

It is not a secret by any stretch of the imagination that I have loved every minute of being a mom. I kept waiting for the twos to get terrible.  It never happened.  I waited for the sullen, silent misery of the teen years when my boys would become distant.  Never happened.  

That’s not to say we never saw a tantrum, nor was everything smooth sailing during the turbulence of adolescence. But for the most part we experienced bumps.  We worked throughout them.  We still work through them.

As much as I loved being Mom, I always tried to remember that they don’t stay little and that if I was doing my job right, I would gradually play a lesser role in their lives. I did my best to make room in my life for pursuits of my own that could fill in the gaps when mommy-hood disappeared.

Well, here we are.

I miss having little boys in the house and this has been compounded by the fact that I spent much of August culling old school papers so that I have room in the filing cabinet for stuff I may actually have to retrieve some day.  At this point having the dated and completed algebra worksheets that match with the school schedule, saved to prove we were providing an “equal education” here at home is unnecessary.  All the proof we need now are the framed degrees and certification cards for my two professional Sign Language Interpreters.

It’s been an exhausting week and last night my emotions got the best of me. I was a melted puddle of “the best of my life is over; all I have to look forward to are endless days of cooking, cleaning and laundry and if this is retirement who needs it?” 

My dear, fix-it hubby encouraged me to do what he knows I love to do. Write about it. 

“It” being our successful homeschooling adventure.

This isn’t the first time he’s tried to guide me down this path. I have resisted him for many reasons.  

  1. There are already a ton of books out there about homeschooling.  
  2. I have no credentials. Much as I prefer a person with experience in the trenches over an expert with letters after his/her name, I do have to accept the reality of the fact that those letters mean something to some people, namely people who publish and purchase “how to” books on something as important as giving your child a sound and solid education.  
  3. It seems a daunting task. Where to start. How to make it interesting.  What slant to take.

He was so kind as to point out that: 

  1. Our story is not out there and it, like every home education story, is unique. Perhaps our unique parts would help someone else. And who said it had to be a book.
  2. Our sons are professionals in their chosen field and live successful, moral, productive lives. They are our credentials.
  3. Just put it down in bits and pieces and tie it together later.  As Nike is so fond of saying: Just do it.
So why not just do it here? It seems like an endless source of blog fodder. 

Photo by Kelly Boesch

Because home has played such a big role from the time we found out our first child was on the way, I’ve decided to use the category Home for any posts that relate to this subject.  The posts won’t be dry clips about the nuts and bolts of things like curriculum and organization.  What fun is that? The fun of our educational process lies in the stories we generated.  
Who doesn’t like entertaining and informative in the same package? 
Here’s to my next chapter. 

Your thoughts, please...

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