A New Place To Be

Her heart longed for her beach almost as much as it did for Adrian.  Her mind, just as insistant, told her all of that was history, nothing to be revisited.  But where to go now?  Her feet hurt.  Her eyelids were too heavy for words.  All she needed was a place to stop, a place…

There it was.

The shimmer of the sunshine on the water caught her eye. Her gaze was captured by the games the light played.  It was hard at first glance to tell which were real trees and which were reflections.  And water.  The familiar irresistable pull of water made her tip-toe to the edge.

This was perfectly different.  No throb, no pulse, nothing to promote a rhythm, a dance, a memory.

A place to think.  A place to plan.  A place to start life new in this world that was so deep in her blood that there was no question it was home.

Photo by ShadowRave

Photo by ShadowRave


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