I Didn’t Die

Or fall off the edge of the world, although at times it felt like I was getting mighty close.


I had lots of exciting things happen.  I had a flat. My brakes started making noises.  I lost my glasses. Two more rental units went empty. I am worried about my sister, my niece and her sweet girls for reasons I can’t go into here. My son has exciting but stressful things going on in his life. I had to pay those stupid quarterly taxes for the first time in awhile, walked blisters on my heels (my own stupid fault!) AND my hubby got laid off. Thankfully that last one was the only one that happened today. The rest were sprinkled liberally throughout the month of September.

To be fair, in the midst of all this, I did get a lovely girls’ weekend in Dallas with my daughter-in-law. We had yummy Italian food, a trip to the spa, got nails done, and spent a quiet afternoon/evening in our hotel room getting caught up on reading and napping, with the unexpected treat of catching My Big Fat Greek Wedding on TV. With complete control of the remote, I might add!

Oh and all that was before we went to MetroCooking on Sunday and got to watch Paula Deen cook in person. đŸ™‚ I also found a couple of cool kitchen gadgets I am looking forward to putting to good use.

And today I had an overdue eye exam.  Last week when my hubby and I both looked high and low for my glasses and it became evident that I have done a spectacular job losing them, I was afraid of operating without them through Deaf Appreciation Day at the Oklahoma State Fair on Thursday as well as a weekend in Big D. So I started making desperation calls on Wednesday morning. The folks from whom I got the last two pair did not seem the least bit concerned with my plight. I do understand if you simply cannot help, but a little empathy would have been nice. 

Case in point, one place locally that I called tried very hard to slide me in. As a new patient. It was obvious to me that I was talking with a young woman who was willing to go an extra mile to make something work.  Even though it didn’t, I decided while I had her on the phone to make an appointment. For today.

Meanwhile I made due with an old pair I had run over with my car.  Yes.  Hubby bent them back into shape, and the scratches on the lenses, while significant, weren’t obstructing my view.  So I decided to just keep a close eye (tee hee) on the lens that pops out occasionally and make do.


Today’s visit was just as pleasantly professional as my telephone conversation with the receptionist.  For an afternoon appointment, I didn’t feel the wait was terrible, though I wait better than some I know. The staff and the optometrist were cordial, efficient, skilled and seemed to enjoy their work. And even better, everything from blood pressure through eye health was great. My prescription barely changed and the optometrist agreed with me that I don’t truly need the bifocals to read; I simply have to take off the distance vision correction for reading, which was what I was doing anyway.  I never needed those stupid bifocals! Another nail in the coffin of my former eye care place. 

So that together with autumn weather in sight leaves me hopeful that maybe the hectic, unstructured pace of the summer is finally….


Hubby is home. All day.  Every day.  

Okay, I am hopeful that much needed rays of sunshine will pop up when they are most needed!


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