Truth Is Stranger….

This little piece was a flash fiction exercise written the day before my firstborn was involved in a serious auto accident.

Spooky, scary stuff that this would surface like it did. For me, it was an intense piece to start with which was why I was quick to label it as fiction, so none of my writing buddies would worry.

I went back to read later after the worst of our real situation was over and got goosebumps.

From February 27, 2008


Photo by Pam Roth

Inside it is still finally. Inside me, inside the room, inside my head. All the rampage is over, all the pain is settling in around the edges and will be steady soon, not so puncture sharp like at the first, but there beneath the drugs to make me comfortable, a reminder that life continues on.

It was touch and go there for awhile. I was out of it but not stupid even then. Thoughts faded in and out and around like a kaleidescope and sometimes melted like swirls of ice cream, but in the back of it all I knew it was a fight, sharp like brine, and so we set about fighting and here we are. Still. Recovering.

I’ve been here before. Tomorrow there will be the excruciating moments, lovely; they mean life and senses and opportunities that have not left entirely. Not yet. I dread the screaming moments along with the Buggins turn and the nurse it brings to me, some fine young woman who wants more than anything to be home soothing her crying infant, instead of a grown-up who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and really is none of her concern, at least not in the way the baby is.

I understand that, fully, as I drift off to sleep and I vow to be kind to them all, and most of all to myself. Expect nothing, no disappointments. But there’s a face that would do more than any pill, any bag dangling from the silver hook, and I dare not ask if I can see it.


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