Boo Hiss! But Onward

How did I miss yesterday!? A Thursday! My fill-the-well day. Goodness. My schedule is so lost, gone. But it was still a lovely day.  The best part–meeting our kids at the airport and having a late-night meal before taking them home.  I always miss them so when they’re gone.  

So my NaBloWriMo streak is done for this year.

But I am not going to let it get me down.  We start over again today, countdown to NaNo.

PROMPT: Write a list of 25 (or just 5!) things you want to do in your life.

  1. Visit Nova Scotia
  2. Spend a month in a beach house during the summer.
  3. Learn to quill
  4. Have all the clutter cleared out of my home, plus
  5. Files under control, and
  6. A tax system established that makes year-end simple
  7. Walk the moors in England one more time
  8. Tuscany
  9. The Mediterranean 
  10. See one picture book I wrote printed in hard back (which number is probably not encouraging to a potential publisher. But one would say I’ve gotten started!) Even richer: my son as the illustrator.
  11. See the big surfing waves in person
  12. Learn to sail a sailboat
  13. Take my great nieces on a girls only, once-in-a-lifetime vacation one summer (my sisters and daughter-in-law could tag along if they wanted!)
  14. Find something that my siblings and I could do together that would support all of us financially and allow us the time to devote to what we love to do most.
  15. Visit a lighthouse. Or several.
  16. Stay in a lighthouse during a storm.
  17. Be trim and healthy
  18. Hike more
  19. Trace my Russian genealogy, traveling to do it if necessary
  20. Get back to a point where I could sleep in any bed without my back complaining
  21. See the Northern Lights and
  22. The midnight sun
  23. Cruise Alaska but on a smaller vessel.
  24. Go back to Marrowstone
  25. Experience the Lavender Festival at Sequim
Your turn!

Your thoughts, please...

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