My Baby Loves Me

Here is my surprise for today from my hubby:


It’s been a good year, though I didn’t plant a wide variety of things.  Some carrots and Thai Dragon peppers came up of their own accord, and my chives and Swiss chard never died last winter, but you sure can’t see much of the chard now for the overgrowth of tomato plants.

But I’m not sure who gets the greatest delight from those little patches of red shining through a mound a green tomato vines–me or my husband.  He comes in and tells me they are there, but he’ll leave them for me to harvest.  Unless he thinks I can’t reach them, which happens.  Or unless I take too long to get out there and do it myself.  Then he’s kind enough to take the job on himself. 😉

My tomatoes don’t seem to know it’s almost time to quit.  They went crazy this year. Not only my Juliet (which variety for the second time has proved to be a vigorous producer) but also my Amish Paste, Big Beef, Better Bush, Jet Star and another that by the time it landed at my house was only labeled “Container Tomato” have all done amazingly well this year. I haven’t made much salsa, but I sure did make a bodacious batch of marinara.  And the little ones I have been known to pop like candy as I pass by the bowl full.

The plants took over the walkway between my pyramid bed and the fence bed, even though I tried to contain them in cages this year.  It’s sort of hidden behind the pepper plants here, but hubby ended up sliding an old chain-link gate underneath the entwined plants and getting them up off the ground so that the bugs wouldn’t get to the tomatoes before we did.  We didn’t seem to have trouble with birds this year.

Tomatoes Gone Wild!

Tomatoes Gone Wild!

Obviously the peppers didn’t do too badly either (serrano, chili, jalepeno, and mucho nacho stuffers). My cayenne had a close encounter with a weed whacker. (No, it wasn’t me doing the whacking…) and I’ve left the onions sort of take over that one spot because frankly, I love the flowers.

The surprise sign is the mark of a successful growing season and a loving hubby. Win-win!


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