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I have been scribbling away, admittedly losing my enthusiasm for trying to squeeze the “production of words” in with everything else.

Then a dear friend sends this to me, and my enthusiasm is renewed.

Choosing, arranging, using words is a joyful business, not a chore.  Words make a difference when chosen wisely.

Thanks Hawkeye! 😉



1173 words tonight.  They came easily from a scene that played out in my head through the course of the day.

Photo by barun patro

I am getting off to a slow start, but I don’t feel anxious. Yet. I do want to get a better grip on my timeline and plot arc, and once I do that, I believe the words will continue to come.  

Of course it’s only the 2nd.  There is no real reason to feel anxious with 28 days out ahead.

Don’t forget to fall back tonight, my American friends who don’t live in Arizona! 

Sleep sounds like a lovely idea!

If you are digging into NaNo, how have the first two days gone for you?


43 words today….