Hello Again, Hello

All in all, November was delightful, but not for my poor blog. We will do better, starting today.

November was full of family (brother home from Florida for a visit) and a family vacation (my parents and siblings in a lakeside house with a lovely view including tenacious Bradford pear trees still on fire with autumn color, white pelicans, cormorants, bald eagles and one evening, just before dark, a tükörsima lake), snow (which we managed to dodge perfectly as far as travel went), and drama (Not from family! Hubby went toe-to-toe with Dish Network on a crappy installation job on one of our rentals and won!) and achievements and near misses, and proof to myself that I can pull out all the stops and achieve a goal. I had forgotten how much I love getting lost in make-believe worlds of my own making in a way that I can’t in the shorter pieces I normally write.  25,000 words over a 5-day period not only fully immersed me in the story world, it gave me some new characters I can still play with.  And a NaNo win. And sore typing fingers. Sore wrists. Elbows. Arm muscles. Shoulders. 

November was something else.

So here is December when I get all contrary and hole up in my house and refuse to shop. Much. Tonight I have a thick blanket of fog cocooning me.  As long as I don’t have to drive in it, I think fog is fascinating. I can barely see across the street, but the lights have taken on a life of their own. It is eerily quiet, just like it is on an early morning after a heavy overnight snowfall.

Tonight the fog is making me excited about December.

Photo by andytreis




2 responses to “Hello Again, Hello

  1. Oh how I love fog. It was one of the things I loved about living in Monterey, CA. I could always count on fog in the am and again in the pm. For me, fog always seemed terribly romantic. Congratulations on surviving NaNoWriMo and coming out victorious and welcome to December.


    • Thank you, Sheri! I’m looking forward to doing some reading too. I need to pop over to your blog, too. Hope December finds you feeling better. Hugs!


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