April makes me apprehensive.

photo by Joy Freschly

It has its joys! Longer days, stronger rays, art festivals, flowers and trees in bloom. 

But it has its old scars and new wounds: Waco, Murrah Building, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Boston, tornadoes, fires, two friends who fought a scary, but successful fight to avoid dying young, a friend who lost the love of his life, and a score of other personal tragedies.

I am more inclined to beware the Ides of April than March.

I suppose if I sat down and thought about all the bad things that happened in any given month, it could possibly come out much the same. 

It is sad to have a month of fresh spring rain and new life become the season of bloodshed and death. 

I am thankful to know the future will bring an April when none of these sorrows will come to mind; they will be too far distant and too overlaid with joy to be remembered. 

Isaiah 65:17



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