Is that how late it is? I really need another four hours in this day.  That would let me finish typing up critiques and the expansion of my story. 

But it is not to be.

I am disappointed in myself for mismanaging my time, overestimating my stamina, letting my critique group down. 

But I can’t say that I didn’t love having an afternoon and evening to spend with my parents at their home where I always feel understood, comfortable and encouraged. It is so blissfully quiet–not a siren one! And the stars. Oh my goodness.  Given another four hours I would be tempted to spend them stargazing. After whirling through a week at breakneck speed, it is ever so nice to SLOW DOWN!

Oh…how sweet it is. 

Oh! And there were lots of these beautiful birds feeding on their lawn tonight. 

Yellow Headed Blackbird 

My bird brained brother–no I mean he’s smart about birds, very smart!–says this location is in their migratory path.  Between these, the blue jays and the cardinals, the lawn was oh so colorful! 

“O” day done. 



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