World English Dictionary
virga (ˈvɜːɡə)

— n
( sometimes functioning as plural ) meteorol wisps of rain or snow, seen trailing from clouds, that evaporate before reaching the earth

[C20: from Latin: streak]

The Oklahoma sky and weather have taught me many things. Dark wisps of virga eerily transform the sky into a canvas of dark ghosts trying hard to land on earth.  The sky is one of the few reasons, in my book, that make it worth it to be up before the sun. It is equally worth it to stop whatever I am doing and watch the sunset.

I have also learned respect for the storms that come sweeping through and the wisdom of listening to warnings. It is pretty cool to be able to watch weather changes approach in that wide open expanse above our heads.

Then there’s the summer sun, blazing so relentlessly you swear you should be able to reach out and touch it.

For me the sky is most interesting when there are clouds.  When life is too busy for cloud watching, then life has become entirely too busy, and it’s time to ratchet back a notch or two.

Here are a few of my shots of the Oklahoma sky:


Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds



Angel Wing Sunset


Storm Cloud


Another storm cloud


Mother Ship Got Through


Oklahoma Clouds Can Sign! Love you, too.

Love clouds, too?  You’ll enjoy visiting The Cloud Appreciation Society.



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