20 Things About Me

Another post I’m borrowing from my old blog with updates following:

This got started on the Momwriter’s list, but I thought it would be fun to share here.

  1. I love my life.  I still complain and I have my share of bad days, but I lack nothing that is truly important.
  2. I was needlessly worried about my kids becoming teens.  It’s not nearly as horrible as people said it would be.  But then, neither were the “terrible twos.”
  3. Both of my children were born at home. I had the most wonderful midwives, both times.
  4. We have been home schooling since the boys were born, and will keep on home schooling until they leave home. I love to teach and I love to learn.  I learned more teaching them than I ever learned in a formal school setting.
  5. I have come to question everything the world says is “important” to have or achieve for people to be “successful.”  Happiness is not centered in education, nor money, it’s not about things and it certainly not worth going in to debt to fall in with what the “experts” say is important.
  6. I am strictly politically neutral.  My allegiance goes to God and not to any man or country.
  7. I absolutely hate using the telephone.  I’d rather write or speak face-to-face than talk with someone on the phone.
  8. I have been studying American Sign Language for the past 4 years.  I’ve always wanted to know a second language.  I did take a year of German but with no reason to practice, the knowledge died a quick death. ASL is with me for life.
  9. I am deeply in love with the ocean.
  10. I won awards in vocal music and made the Tri-State Honor Chorus three years in a row when I was in high school. Still love to sing, though my voice is too soft.
  11. I was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Oklahoma when I was 10.  I’ve also lived in Connecticut.
  12. My mother’s mother died when I was 9 and I have missed her ever since.
  13. My father’s mother was Russian.  Her parents came to the U.S. in 1914.  I wish I had learned more about her family before she died.
  14. My first son was born nine months after we moved to Connecticut.  My second son was born nine months after we moved back to Oklahoma.  I have no plans to make any more major moves.
  15. We came home so that our kids could grow up in the midst of extended family.  It was a very wise decision.
  16. I love the wide open spaces of Oklahoma and all the surprises the state holds.  There is an amazing variety of landscapes—from lakes, trees and hills, to caves, sand dunes and salt plains.  We even have a shipwreck formally recorded as an archaeological site in the official site files maintained by the Oklahoma Archeological Survey. The sky is incredible to watch—from racing and billowing storm clouds to brilliant sunsets and stars.  I do hate the wind, though.
  17. If I go too long without solitude to write in I get very, very cranky.
  18. My hubby and I have been married 20 years.  Even though we are very different and it has not been easy, it’s been worth it to work through the rough spots and come out successful.  I trust him completely.
  19. Throughout the entire earth I have people who will care for me like family despite any difference in language, skin color, nationality or culture.  I may not have met them yet, but they are all my brothers and sisters.
  20. I’m not afraid of aging or being alone, but I would choose quality years over “quantity” years.

Your turn!

And what has changed since February 16, 2006?
#4 – We homeschooled through high school. It was a good choice for us.  Both of them are self-sufficient, married to bright, hard working, beautiful-inside-and-out young ladies, and are doing well in their profession as American Sign Language Interpreters. In fact they share a job at the moment.  There were days when sharing toys was such an issue I would never have believed I’d see the day they would work together. Sort of.  🙂
#8 – Still learning ASL…and loving it!
#12 – Actually I was 8.  And I still cry.
#18 – My math skills weren’t so good in 2006.  We’ll be married 30 years next year.

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