Or…Why Has the System Not Been Fixed Yet?

Part 1 – Yesterday’s post introduced a boy who left school when he overheard his teacher say that something was wrong with his mind and he was not able to learn.

Part 2:


His Mother

The boy’s mother was even more upset than her son when she heard what had happened at school.  She had been the one who patiently answered her son’s questions, even encouraging them, so that he would learn. Though known for her sweet nature and gentleness, she set out to make the teacher apologize for his unkind statement because she knew her son had a strong and capable mind.

When she informed the instructor that her son was brighter than most boys his age, he told her that mother love was blinding her to the facts. She argued that perhaps it was the teaching method that was faulty rather than her son. Because the teacher would not change his opinion of her child, she withdrew the boy from the school and took charge of his education herself.

She proceeded to instill in her son a great love of learning as well as the belief that it was more important to reason than to memorize. She believed that anything that caught his heart and imagination was something that he could master. To that end she began opening the world to him by reading aloud, not children’s books, but adult history books, classical literature and plays. Her husband joined her in this.

Just a short time later, by the age of nine, her son was reading these advanced texts on his own.  When she introduced him to science, he was completely enthralled.  Happy to see him following his natural path, she encouraged him to set up a lab in their basement where he would experiment for hours, sometimes even forgetting to eat.

His Father

We’ll meet him tomorrow.


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