Times They Are A-Changin’

A recent Facebook post got my writing fingers rattling today. So rather than post a response there where it might seem aimed directly at the person who posted it, which it is not, I thought I would share my thoughts here. Just my .02 which really amounts to more like a grain of sand.


Climate change might be true but the predictions and how to “fix” it aren’t facts. They are educated guesses at best. 

Trouble is mankind has a bad predictive track record, and as a result, people stop listening. Just one example: I did an extensive, award-winning paper on water conservation when I was a senior in high school (too many moons ago!); much of the scientific research I found and cited was adamant that unless drastic measures were taken to conserve water we would run out of drinkable water by 2010. Neither the conservation methods touted, nor the end of drinking water happened. 

So while I might agree that weather seems to be handing us one over-the-top disaster after another, I can at the same time understand why people are skeptical about just how bad it is and/or what will solve the problem(s). They aren’t all just being stupid or greedy. 

Plus you do need people’s opinion on a fact. Or at least differing opinions on how to solve a problematic fact. Differing ideas open the way for new discoveries and clearer vision. Only by looking at the facts in a new way can we learn. The man who first suggested that bats “see with their ears” was so laughed out of town by the “experts” of his day that his facts were shelved for about 100 years. People think religion stifles scientific thinking. Often science stifles itself.

The one sure fact is that mankind proves all too often to be short-sighted and ignorant. A discovery of something tomorrow that we didn’t know last week could change the entire way we look at this issue and reveal that our efforts to fix it are doing more damage than good, or aren’t even addressing the true culprit. Sort of like the whole high cholesterol=heart disease myth unfolding now.

While one does not have to agree with the opinions of others, it pays to be respectful. Crow tastes better with salt and one never knows when one might have a healthy serving handed over. 


The only solution I can trust: Revelation 11:18; Isaiah 35:1-10; and for that crow thing: Colossians 4:6


One response to “Times They Are A-Changin’


    Makes since to me. 🙂


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