Day 3 – Attention-Giving

Today’s Journaling Prompt:

from Michael Pearlman


According to Law of Attraction, we attract to our lives whatever we give our attention to, whether wanted and/or unwanted. Describe in one sentence something that is uncomfortable and unwanted for you. Then give 5 minutes to writing about how you would like things to be.


Photo by Amy Burton

I first have to clarify that I know nothing about the Law of Attraction and I am not sure I would agree with it.  Our attention must be followed with action. And without focus, it is easy to lose sight of what we need to be doing. 

Ack! Not the topic! Focus! 

The clutter in my house makes me uncomfortable and is unwanted.

I would love for each and every room in my house to contain only what should be there in limited quantity enough for everything to have a home. That’s what I have wanted for years and years and years. The living room is that way since we put in new carpet and had to clear EVERYTHING out of the room to have it done.

I am an intelligent woman. I have made these sort of changes before. There was a time when my car looked like it was where I lived. Because is spent more time in it than I did my apartment. Books, clothes, papers, magazines, etc.,etc., etc. If I was going to fill my car with passengers, I had to spend way too much time emptying it out and cleaning first. Not to mention the time I spent looking for things under the seats and in the trunk.

One day I decided I didn’t want to do that any more. I cleaned out my car and kept it that way. Still do. For the most part.

Even before that, when I was a kid, probably a teenager or close to it, I found it easier to drape clothes carefully at the foot of my bed than hang them up or fold them and put them in a dresser. Then one day I would realize that my footboard was a mountain of clothes and almost everything I owned needed ironing. Not washing, mind you. The dirty clothes went to the laundry hamper and Mom washed them and hanged them on hangers.

Well one day I decided that if I changed clothes in the closet it was easier to hang them up rather than drape them on the bed.

The days of my clothing mountain footboard were over.

So how do I translate that into an entire house?

  • recognize the issue
  • remind myself of the goal until it is accomplished
  • make the changes necessary
  • maintain it

That’s what I did before. Time to make it happen again. And again. And again.


Your thoughts, please...

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