Day 4 – Past & Future

Today’s Journaling Prompt

from Shannon Hernandez

Choose a photo from your childhood and study it closely. What is going on in the foreground? The background? Who is in the picture and how are they related and interacting? Describe the setting and the furnishings. Make the picture come alive with your words!


Okay so it is now 11:35 PM and who am I kidding. I will not find a pic before the clock strikes midnight, much less be able to study and describe it.  So I am here saving the prompt for a future post because I really would like to do it.  I just let the day get away from me.

Along those lines I would like to recommend a book I have been reading. 

I have especially enjoyed the chapter on Taming Your Tools. Subtitle could be: How to Not Let Email and Social Media Gobble Up Your Life.  Lots of good tips and ideas as well as a summary of key points at the end of each chapter. Easy read and well worth it.




Your thoughts, please...

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