So many things to create! So little time! Deadlines everywhere.

And I signed up to take a class and FORGOT!!  I watched two days worth of video and then completely dropped the ball. Completely. ACK!

But people first, right? My son and daughter-in-law leave soon for a 5-year anniversary trip to Italy. Wow! I think for my 5-year anniversary I probably tripped over my own two feet. I am thrilled for them, but I am so going to miss them.

I have other friends leaving this week for Australia. I have been making everyone Bon Voyage gifts.  Thankfully I managed to keep those projects in that sieve that is my brain.

I am simply going crazy.

Still have one more thing on the list, besides catch up on class, and then I will be back on journal prompts and NaNo prep.

If not feel free to remind me.

Photo by Christa Sawyer



One response to “Ack!!

  1. We love you! Thank you for all your time, sacrifice, and love. You are a wonderful mom…to both of us. We would be lost without you. Hugs.

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