I Dare You

“So which do you believe? The damsel-in-distress story or the ugly ogre story.”

“One would think you would have outgrown this sort of nonsense by now. I don’t believe either.”

“What do you believe then?”

“I believe it is an ugly unused old tower that used to be part of something grand. Now it is…nothing. Nothing, really.”

“And yet you ride with me as night falls so that we can slip up on it under cloak of darkness.”

“We could turn about and journey in the daylight, which would make more sense.”

“So you’re scared.”

“Would I be out here with you now if I were scared?”

“Yes. Yes you would.  You would be riding beside me all calm and collected trying to figure out how to make it my idea that we don’t do this tonight.”

“You don’t say.”

“Honestly, Robert, you drive me bats. Why do I even have a friend like you?”

“Why? We ask ourselves that same question repeatedly. If it’s the only thing we have in common…maybe that’s why. Anyway, what do you expect to find at the tower?”

“Something. Not nothing.”

“Very deep.”

“Courage. An education.”

“Education? What sort of education might that be, pray tell?”

“Think of the possibilities. Slipping up on the fortess in deep darkness, not even a twig snapping underfoot….”

“Oh, I didn’t know that was the plan. I was just going to run up to it and yell, ‘Anyone here?’ And see what happens.”

“I see. Such an adventurous soul. I hope the damsel in distress drops an anvil on your head from the window and squishes you flatter than a crepe.”


I didn’t get it exactly right, but this was the prompt…



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