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Good Morning, Sofia!

Good Morning, Sofia!

It’s a new day.  A new hot day, apparently.  Bring it on!

Getting here wasn’t the easiest thing.  Getting up yesterday morning after just a few hours’ sleep wasn’t the easiest thing.  But the day was more than worth the push to put difficult beginnings behind. 

I feel much more ready for today.  Hopefully my mind will be a bit more willing to put words together for all of it in the coming days. A good night’s rest has already done a world of good. 

My Sofia Sisters, Old and New




Prairie_fence.JPGThere’s nothing quite like going somewhere else, or getting ready to go somewhere else, that makes you take a good long look at home.

I am looking forward to seeing sights and hearing sounds, and tasting things that I don’t normally. The other side of the coin is that to those I am going to visit, I live in a far-away and unusual place.

I am watching out my window as I type.  There is a juvenile rabbit hopping along the fenceline in the yard next to ours filling up on an abundance of overgrown clover.  A flock of sparrows keeps darting from a variety of perches in the chain link fence to the dirt pile under the elm tree.  I wonder if locusts are digging out. There’s something delectable scurrying about down there.

Ah, there’s my pigeon buddy.  I don’t think it can fly.  For the past week, it has visited me in my garage, I have frightened it out from behind our air conditioner when I walked out the kitchen door, and right now it too is darting about around the dirt pile.  It flaps every now and then, but not much and lists a little to its left. Oops, well….it just made it to the top of the chain link fence.  Then came down to the ground again to feast on something.  Wait, no.  That’s a second one!  The injured one is climbing up the tree trunk now.  I might have to stop writing and watch to see what happens.

I hope in the next few days I can put together a digital photo album to showcase familiar parts of my surroundings that might be intriguing to those I meet.  My son was already sweet enough to put family pictures on a small digital key chain for me to take with me.  Now I need to learn how to say family, husband, father, mother, son, daughter, sister, brother, niece in Bulgarian.  Should have done that a long time ago.  But I can say hello! And please and thank you and introduce myself. And count.  And gesture a lot.

Language. That’s a whole other adventure.

So will I get to do any of this in Bulgaria?  Will there by time to watch birds or find rabbits or catch the smallest glimpse of everyday life, somebody else’s mundane that is strange and fascinating to me?

I certainly hope so. In the meantime, where did that pigeon go?


I am going to start my 55th year of life in a country in which I was not born. An adventure! Could the whole year be one?

I am getting bruised where I keep pinching myself.

I confess I have carried my passport around with me since the May storms. It was not going to get swept away in wind or water. I have a reoccurring nightmare in which I arrive at the airport for an amazing trip only to find I have left my passport at home, there is no time to go retrieve it, and I have to miss out on the trip.

It will not be a self-fulfilling prophesy!

Today I had a thrilling morning just looking for rocks.  Since Bulgaria is the Land of Roses, what better gift could we find than Oklahoma rose rocks.  Abe and Ashley went with me and in well under an hour we had a small box full to clean and sort, which I will do tomorrow.  They won’t all go with me or I would have to leave my clothes behind.  But some of them will make lovely gifts.

Ashley also went clothes shopping with me.  It’s been forever since I earnestly shopped for clothing, but as I began packing I noticed how worn some of my things had become.  I am not a clothes horse; they are something I put on to keep from being arrested.  But today’s shopping trip was such fun and even better, I am down two pant sizes.  Woot!

Very good start to the final week before I take off for Bulgaria.  Bulgaria.  My goodness.  Pinch!

I am sad to be missing my ASL Convention in Denton, but I trust I will hear the reports before I go.