I am going to start my 55th year of life in a country in which I was not born. An adventure! Could the whole year be one?

I am getting bruised where I keep pinching myself.

I confess I have carried my passport around with me since the May storms. It was not going to get swept away in wind or water. I have a reoccurring nightmare in which I arrive at the airport for an amazing trip only to find I have left my passport at home, there is no time to go retrieve it, and I have to miss out on the trip.

It will not be a self-fulfilling prophesy!

Today I had a thrilling morning just looking for rocks.  Since Bulgaria is the Land of Roses, what better gift could we find than Oklahoma rose rocks.  Abe and Ashley went with me and in well under an hour we had a small box full to clean and sort, which I will do tomorrow.  They won’t all go with me or I would have to leave my clothes behind.  But some of them will make lovely gifts.

Ashley also went clothes shopping with me.  It’s been forever since I earnestly shopped for clothing, but as I began packing I noticed how worn some of my things had become.  I am not a clothes horse; they are something I put on to keep from being arrested.  But today’s shopping trip was such fun and even better, I am down two pant sizes.  Woot!

Very good start to the final week before I take off for Bulgaria.  Bulgaria.  My goodness.  Pinch!

I am sad to be missing my ASL Convention in Denton, but I trust I will hear the reports before I go.



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