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Thankful For a Creative Mind

I had a pretty challenging morning today.

All my children are out of state this weekend.  So I am holding down the forts which consists of feeding and watering a cat and a dog at one house and watering plants at the other. The plants are tomorrow. Which was a good thing because after the cat and dog I was pretty much toast.

I let myself in the house without a problem and carefully put my keys down so I would remember where they were. Kitty was happy to see me. Wouldn’t let me walk far, twisting in and out around my legs. Eventually kitty was fed and watered, so I let myself out the back door to say hi to the puppy. He’s getting big, but his claws are still puppy-sharp.  We played a bit and I was done. Time to feed him, so I went back to the door and turned the knob….

It didn’t budge…

So I did what they always do in the movies. I wiggled the knob like that would do something. 

It didn’t. I am still not sure how, when I locked the doorknob after I let myself out…

So here I stood with a dog still bouncing like he’s on springs. Slowly I checked the options:

The only gate out of the yard is locked from the outside. Impossible to consider unlocking the gate to escape. 

Call someone to do so? No cell phone. In fact I had left the phone at home when I went to workout. Then I dashed to do animal check afterward. My husband had no idea where I was.

Okay, swallow that little bubble of panic.  It was time to put the old noodle to work.

That stockade fence sure was intimidating. I tried to get a foothold on a cross piece. I wasn’t letting myself consider what I would do if I got to the top. The dog was helping. Yeah. Getting over the stockade fence was not going to be an option.  

Ah, good news. That fence did not circle the entire back yard. On the east side there was a length of rather encouragingly droopy wire fence. The dog joined me to contemplate how to get over it. I was sort of afraid he would follow me, if I were successful. If? 

No, must. But I am so dang short. Could not hoist one of my stumpy little legs over the top. Time to find a climbing tool.  

Yay! Folding chairs. What if I broke it climbing on it? 

What if I died of heatstroke locked in the kids’ back yard? I can buy a chair.

Didn’t break the chair, didn’t break a leg! I was out of one yard. And in a strangers’ yard. I had noticed two cars in the driveway when I pulled in the kids’ driveway. Better knock and let them know what I was doing in their back yard. 

No one answered. There was no way over their fence there by the door. Only option–gate on the other side of their yard. Provided it was not…locked… And no one shot me while I slithered through their back yard.

No locks, no guns, no police. Just the poor puppy howling because I left him and hadn’t given him a thing to eat. I walked calmly and carefully to the kids’ house pray, pray, praying that I had not locked the front door when I went in.  It would be a long, hot walk home. And then there would be the issue of getting back in the house if there wasn’t another key other than the one locked in their house…

Too much worry.

I finally breathed when the front door opened. I promptly fed and watered the bouncy, sharp-clawed puppy, said goodbye to the kitty who was racing about the house like he was full of my initial panic, and got myself home so I could eat, too. All of the sudden I was very hungry, very thirsty and very tired.

All that to say, I find myself grateful for that ability to push the fear away so I could think, and the ability to think outside the box until a solution worked. Had there not been chairs, there was a gas grill that might have gotten me hoisted up and over that fence…

Gotta appreciate and take care of that fabulous brain, because when I need it to work, most of the time, it does a pretty good job!

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If You Haven’t Given Up On Me….

I am so ready to be back to blogging and all other things normal.  Although I continue to question the whole concept of “normal” anymore.

But here it is another Magnificent Monday and here is a tidbit that working through the trenches has taught me in the past couple weeks.

Spinal fluid–or more accurately–cerebrospinal fluid–is made in the brain then circulated around it and down into the spinal column. Produced at the rate of 500/ml daily, this fluid serves four major functions:

  • Provides buoyancy so that the weight of the brain does not impair its function by interfering with blood flow
  • Maintains chemical stability in the brain by rinsing metabolic waste from the central nervous system.
  • Protects the brain from injury when the head is jolted or hit
  • Production is reduced when blood delivery to the brain is difficult, reducing the pressure inside the skull, facilitating blood flow and delivery

Now I’m sure that’s overly simplified, and there are those who would say, “How did you get to be your age and not know that,” but I have never had a reason to know it before.  I do remember watching them do a spinal tap on my son when he was 6 weeks old.  I didn’t care where spinal fluid was made at that point or what it did.  I just wanted his to be okay.  It was.  Whew.

I was asked to come to a hospital last weekend where a friend of mine had been transported.  It turned into quite an experience on many different levels.  I was with her when they showed her the CT scan of her brain, and showed her where there was bleeding that was blocking the flow of that fluid from one of the places in the brain where it was manufactured.  All very serious and scary, but at the same time, a rather awesome thing to see.

And so there is my Monday tidbit from my seriously complex but wonderful world.  Hope your Monday was marvelous!