About Carolyn


Carolyn Dekat

My life includes these most precious gifts:

  • a hard-working craftsman husband and two sons, home-birthed, home-schooled, and now successful young men.
  • a passion for play, curiosity, imagination and learning
  • a love of words and the places words take me, real and otherwise
  • an 11-year-and-counting adventure learning to make word concepts come alive in American Sign Language (ASL)

and many others presents in memory, in progress or waiting to be unwrapped.

You can also find me on Twitter.


15 responses to “About Carolyn

  1. You have a nice set-up for your blog, Carolyn. I like it alot.


  2. Hi Carolyn. You sounds so fascinating. I too love where words can take me. Such an adventure.


  3. Site looks good. Carolyn. Nice job.


  4. Nice to meet you Carolyn. How old are your sons? I have three teenagers, two girls and a boy.


    • Thanks for coming by Susan. My “boys” will be 26 and 21 in June. I know you are one busy Mom with three teens! I enjoyed the teen years myself.


  5. Carolyn, what a great site. Looking forward to more. haird


  6. Your blog is very expressive and touches my heart for memories I had forgotten. I look forward to following your posts and would appreciate your reading my new blog: http://retireforthefunofit.wordpress.com. As a grandmother, any comments or advise on my posts would be appreciated.


  7. Thank you for reading, Neva. I appreciate it.
    I did go by your blog. Your photography pulled me right in, and the writing is just as sharp. I will be back to read more! I have some catching up to do there. 🙂 Looking forward to it.


  8. Nice page and picture.


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