Bring on the Beach

Vacation is coming! I’m going to the beach. In Florida. With some of my favorite people in the whole wide world. I have so much to do between now and then, but I don’t care. I’m going to the beach!

I can’t remember exactly when my last vacation on the ocean was, but I do believe it was also in Florida. And that my sons were still teenagers. It’s been awhile.

I can remember just about every oceanside vacation I have ever taken, and I have never, ever been disappointed: Cape Cod, Long Island, Port Townsend, Marrowstone, Cancun, cruising, the North Sea (so cold!), the Irish Sea, Myrtle Beach, Ocean City (where I dug a diamond ring out of the sand. Seriously!), Isla Mujeres, Tulum, Xel Ha (where snorkeling felt like swimming in the tropical aquarium at the zoo. So many beautiful fish!).

What I haven’t seen yet and would like to: the big waves. The kind they ride in Hawaii. That and Nova Scotia and it’s beaches. And the Mediterranean. And…

Anyway, I’m writing about this because it’s about the only thing I can concentrate on these days. Here in less than two weeks, I am going to feel like this again:


Now to get packing….

What is your favorite place to vacation?


8 responses to “Bring on the Beach

  1. Boy, do I hear you loud and clear on this one! The beach is also my favorite place to be in the whole world. Early in the morning, when few people are around, during the day when the water warms up and the waves are great and the sun feels warm on your body, in the evening at sunset, at night when the only thing you can hear is the sound of the waves crashing…I love it all! I live about 90 minutes from the Jersey shore, but I still don’t feel like I go often enough. Have a wonderful time! Bring back some sun and sand for me!


  2. Oh, the beach! Who doesn’t love the beach. Actually, my parents hated it. Never went to the beach until I learned to drive and I’m only 45 minutes away. Took my kids every Tuesday from ages 3.4, & 5 until they wanted to go on their own, then I went with Hubby or a friend.

    Florida beaches didn’t thrill me but maybe that was because I was on the bay side and not the ocean side. I’m definitely a ocean girl. Guess that comes from growing up in Jersey. Hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation. Enjoy!


    • Another kindred spirit! šŸ™‚

      Every Tuesday! How cool. Or how warm and wonderful. šŸ™‚

      I really don’t know how I wound up in landlocked Oklahoma.


  3. I can literally feel your wanderlust in this post, specifically your pull to the waves. Awesome! I grew up in San Diego, so I saw the ocean a lot. My favorite place to vacation would have to be the lake. We’re a big waterskiing family so to be on the lake, specifically on my wakeboard, makes me a happy girl!

    That picture is PRICELESS!!!! Have a wonderful time!


    • In the absence of an ocean, have learned to love lakes here. There really are a lot of pretty ones. And we have been on a few canoe trips on the rivers.

      Ah, now there are some stories…..


  4. Yes, Yes, oh please return me to the white sands. How much do I love the beach. I’ll tell you and it’s not morbid at all. My ashes are to be scattered overlooking Monterey Bay. We lived thirteen magical years in Monterey/Carmel and I’m still convinced that’s God’s country. That’s where my soul resides and when I think of going home, it’s to the beaches of Carmel. There’s nothing I’d rather do in all the world than stroll hand in hand, with my husband, on a star-lit night along the beaches of Carmel and hear a Bach sanota play out over the sound of the surf. Magic is in the air. I hear it now, don’t you?


    • Now there is another beach I must visit, now that you have described it so eloquently. And I’m putting “night time stroll” on my list for Florida. šŸ™‚ Thanks Sheri!


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